The European Board of NLP 



The official Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Europe


European Board


NLP (Neuro-Lingusitic Programming)


Applied Protocols


The European Board of NLP (EBNLP) aims to adapt and develop the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques into protocols for various professional fields and activities, the purpose being their effective application for the successful achievement of specific professional objectives safeguarding the system from misiterpretations and erroneous practices.


Business & Coaching Protocol (Contextualized in the field/ industry)

·          NLP in Sales Engineering

·       NLP in Marketing Strategies

·       NLP in Customer Service

·       NLP in Human Resources Management 

·       NLP in Strategies Implementation Management

·       NLP in Leadership

·       NLP in Communication Strategies

·       NLP in Law

·       NLP in Journalism

·       NLP in Executive Coaching /Consulting



Personal Success/ Education Protocol

·          NLP for Personal Development

·       NLP in Education

·       NLP in Sports


Counseling / Therapeutic Protocol

·         NLP for Medical Professionals

·         NLP for Health Professionals

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