The European Board of NLP 



The official Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Europe

The Scope of The European Board


NLP (Neuro-Lingusitic Programming) 

The European Board of NLP (EBNLP) was established to preserve the principles and methods of Neuro Linguistic Programming system and shield them from misinterpretations and erroneous applications.


It aims to adapt and develop the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques into protocols for various professional fields and activities, the purpose being their effective application through which the achievement of specific professional and social objectives will be combined with personal development.


As the official Board of NLP in Europe, the EBNLP aims to delve and develop the NLP techniques to include local language patterns and peculiarities in a way that maximizes model's effectiveness.


The European Board of NLP (EBNLP) reinforces the organization of a central body of NLP in Europe bringing together the expertise into shaping the future of NLP. 


EBNLP,  European Community Trademark No. 008663155,  Avenida de Europa 4, E- 03008 Alicante Spain